The summer of Mary



I watched a Tudors marathon the day after I received radiation, stretched out on my couch, feeling sick and drowsy, but loving the English Renaissance.  I was sad when it was over, wishing that they had continued into Edward’s and Mary’s and Elizabeth’s reigns.  It got me to thinking that there should be a drama about the Stuarts.  At the very least, a new one about Mary. 

I started reading the books I had on my own shelves about Mary, and it struck me, the vast difference between the factual Mary and the fictional Mary.  The factual Mary, depending on which biography you read, loved Darnley and lost her love for him, or didn’t love Darnley, but she most definitely did not love Bothwell.  The fictional Mary always loved Bothwell, even if she was raped by him and treated badly by him.  Th factual Mary was supportive of the Protestant Kirk, to the point of losing the support of the Pope.  The fictional Mary was a devoted Catholic.  

I have spent the remainder of the summer reading books about Mary, and I have only scratched the surface.  Some of these books are very good, and some are terrible.  I am also watching the movies made about her.  

Meanwhile, I am working on my own story about Mary.  I’ll post bits and pieces as I write them, and my research.  I hope you are as interested in this subject as I am!