NaPoMo Day 29 (st. michael)


The Archangel Michael Defeating Satan by Guido Reni.


(st. michael)

to ride with you is to ride with terror.
oh god of thunder, god of white lightning.
god, angel, saint. white lines on a mirror.
to sleep with you is to know the brightening.
but then i was all alone. the darkness.
full moon over the weeping willow tree.
once again, i hear the roar of engines.
michael, my michael, you came back for me.
to ride all night, to ride with an angel.
those wide white wings, a wild wind’s blow
eventually leaving me in hell.
above my crowned head, i see your glow
flying fearlessly across the sky.
you blaze out beautifully & then you die.


NaPoMo Day 27 (english 633)

(english 633)

“if a negative of a photograph
can be reproduced numerous times,
there is no authenticity.” a laugh
track can be looped, an indefinite rhyme
creating a false folly. critics &
connoisseurs agree. authenticity –
truth or mere facts or slowly shifting sands
or some kind of rare reciprocity
of reason – which is to say we now know
the difference between subtle persuasions
& passive invitation. & so
negatives, copies, PDF files;
literature always travels the miles.


NaPoMo (Day 26) (all saints day)

i haven’t been real diligent with posting this year but maybe i’ll continue posting throughout may & june & into the summer instead of forgetting about it like i did last year.

this is a poem about wanting to hunt but being held up by the weather, which happens a lot in my life.  not a great poem but a good exercise in form. 


“Sunset in the Woods” by Korosata.


(all saints day)

here we are having a couple of beers.
too windy to bow hunt & so we drink.
you don’t shut up & i’m trying to think:
if i’m not hunting, then why am i here?

i no longer love you but we’re still friends.
you want me to move back in & be your
woman, but that seems to me a huge bore.
you’re ok in small doses – it depends

what we’re doing & why. but today
is just another fucking waste again.
drinking instead of hunting is a shame.
hungover tomorrow – & then i’ll pay.

but – how beautiful the sunset tonight.
the clouds dark against the sun’s fading light.