NaPoMo (Day 26) (all saints day)

i haven’t been real diligent with posting this year but maybe i’ll continue posting throughout may & june & into the summer instead of forgetting about it like i did last year.

this is a poem about wanting to hunt but being held up by the weather, which happens a lot in my life.  not a great poem but a good exercise in form. 


“Sunset in the Woods” by Korosata.


(all saints day)

here we are having a couple of beers.
too windy to bow hunt & so we drink.
you don’t shut up & i’m trying to think:
if i’m not hunting, then why am i here?

i no longer love you but we’re still friends.
you want me to move back in & be your
woman, but that seems to me a huge bore.
you’re ok in small doses – it depends

what we’re doing & why. but today
is just another fucking waste again.
drinking instead of hunting is a shame.
hungover tomorrow – & then i’ll pay.

but – how beautiful the sunset tonight.
the clouds dark against the sun’s fading light.



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