Margaret Stewart of Scotland, Dauphine of France

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Margaret Stewart of Scotland, Dauphine of France Margaret Stewart of Scotland, Dauphine of France

By all accounts, Charles VII of France was a weak king. In all fairness, his kingdom was ravaged by war with England. And there were self-employed bandits, called Écorcheurs, who were pillaging, ransacking and plundering the French countryside, forcing people to run and hide for their lives. Even the churches were being built like forts to protect them from the outlaws. When Charles’ son, the Dauphin Louis was born in 1423, it was a dangerous time. When Louis was two years old, his parents sent him to the Castle of Loches in Touraine for safety. He would remain here until he was ten years old when he went to join his family. By this time Louis was isolated from his family and he and his father didn’t get along.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, King James I had been seized as a prisoner by the…

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