This is one of my favorite bloggers. Cultural appropriation is a big issue among many of the pagan community & it rather makes me laugh, especially here in the United States, where we are mostly all mongrels (as far as DNA is concerned & certainly culturally as well).

Anyway, I have been following Dr. Bairavee Balasubraniam for several years now & she never fails to turn me on to new ideas & ways of thinking about things. I hope you all enjoy her writings as much I as do.




Some of you may be wondering why there hasn’t been much activity here lately – no new chapters of “Excerpts from a Diary” on luvappleblog or new poems on “no commas…

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Some of you may be wondering why there hasn’t been much activity here lately – no new chapters of “Excerpts from a Diary” on luvappleblog or new poems on “no commas”.  The reason is that I have been busy looking for & finding a new apartment in a new city & now I am packing to move.

I have moved a LOT in my life.  I have a list somewhere of all my moves & all my addresses – I’m not sure where, in some file – & I have resided at over 50 places in my life.  Moving is a drag but it isn’t as bad as some people might think.  The key – of course – is organization.  Five minutes of organization will save you fifteen minutes of fucking around.  At the very least!  & when you move a lot, you tend to shed yourself of everything that is non-essential.  Even though I lived at this most recent apartment only five years, I still managed to accumulate a TON of stuff – some of which I sold – other things were donated to charity.  Both my garbage can & my recycling bin were full today.  I like going through everything – deciding what to keep & what to discard – finding forgotten gems that stir beloved memories – which all make me want to get settled & back to work.

It’ll probably be another few weeks before I am completely settled & ready to concentrate on some serious writing but until then – stay tuned!  Things are only going to get better from here.

Pandora’s Box

A most perfect retelling of a classic myth. Or maybe the original story?

Histories and Mysteries


They told me not to open it. Well now.  If Zeus did want me to open it, he should not have given it to me in the first place.   A women’s curiosity?  Bah!  They always need someone to blame, don’t they?  But don’t believe everything you hear.

Come closer. I will tell you the TRUE story.

It was Zeus, my uncle, who gave me the box. All the while he ordered me to leave it clamped shut. “Do not touch it, Pandora,” he commanded, his voice full of curmudgeon contempt. “If you dare open it, the consequences will be great.”

I paid him no heed.  Zeus!  I owed him no favors!  Had he not raped and pillaged and punished? There was Leda the swan, his own wife Hera, my mother Demeter.  He had sent many a plague upon my kin.  He deserved no obedience from me, nor anyone else!


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