Some of you may be wondering why there hasn’t been much activity here lately – no new chapters of “Excerpts from a Diary” on luvappleblog or new poems on “no commas”.  The reason is that I have been busy looking for & finding a new apartment in a new city & now I am packing to move.

I have moved a LOT in my life.  I have a list somewhere of all my moves & all my addresses – I’m not sure where, in some file – & I have resided at over 50 places in my life.  Moving is a drag but it isn’t as bad as some people might think.  The key – of course – is organization.  Five minutes of organization will save you fifteen minutes of fucking around.  At the very least!  & when you move a lot, you tend to shed yourself of everything that is non-essential.  Even though I lived at this most recent apartment only five years, I still managed to accumulate a TON of stuff – some of which I sold – other things were donated to charity.  Both my garbage can & my recycling bin were full today.  I like going through everything – deciding what to keep & what to discard – finding forgotten gems that stir beloved memories – which all make me want to get settled & back to work.

It’ll probably be another few weeks before I am completely settled & ready to concentrate on some serious writing but until then – stay tuned!  Things are only going to get better from here.


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