This is one of my favorite bloggers. Cultural appropriation is a big issue among many of the pagan community & it rather makes me laugh, especially here in the United States, where we are mostly all mongrels (as far as DNA is concerned & certainly culturally as well).

Anyway, I have been following Dr. Bairavee Balasubraniam for several years now & she never fails to turn me on to new ideas & ways of thinking about things. I hope you all enjoy her writings as much I as do.


Cauldron: On Politics, Power and Spirituality


I´ve been thinking about the cultural appropriation debate and have recently found a way to shift my thinking around it – one that is probably a lot more just to many from Western cultures who are sincerely trying to understand the East (and sometimes do so more effectively than those brought up within it) – and vice versa.

A lot of you who enjoy my posts are certainly not embodying the God/dess as part of religious dress-up, you really do see Her-Him and honor Spirit in your Form and Essence. I do the same archetypes that go past my personal upbringing.

Mary Magdalene, Anubis, the Archangel Michael – these dudes/dudettes are part of my tribe – though I wasn´t raised to see them that way. And they are a part of my own personal, sacred work.

So yes, I get it  🙂

But that doesn´t mean that cultural appropriation…

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