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To my faithful followers & readers

Since the election, I have been terribly depressed & suffering from one of the worst cases of writer’s blocks I have had in a very long time.  With the exception of the two rather lame articles I wrote for paganpages.org,  I have not written very much at all, not even in my own diary.

The other day, I read an article in Lit Hub:  http://lithub.com/how-writers-are-getting-back-to-work/  It was honest & true.  I could really identify with it.  Take a minute to read it.  I think we all felt more or less like that.

I would like to say that the shock is wearing off but everyday there is a new outrage with this idiot who somehow “won” the presidency – be it through his racist & homophobic & zenophobic messaging or with Russian interference or through the suppression of the vote in key states or the proliferation of fake news – or a combination of all of these – so trying to get back into a work schedule has been very tough.

I just want to hide.  Go somewhere far away.  Live in a cabin in the woods up on a mountain somewhere & not deal with anything at all.


Not only is running away & hiding not a viable solution right now – I signed a lease so I’m stuck in this apartment until July – but it really doesn’t solve anything.  & honestly, I can hide in this apartment & not deal with anything just as easily as in a cabin in the woods.  The hook is social media & the TV & the constant bombardment of that jerk’s face everywhere you look – if you suffer from PTSD like I do, it’s not a face you want to see – it’s the face of every asshole in every strip joint in every city – so protecting myself means staying offline & doing other things.  I never realized how much I was online until this election – & how much I depended on the internet for my news, my entertainment, my social interactions.  Hiding in the woods isn’t going to help that.  In fact, it’ll just make it worse.

The only solution is to write & to be part of a writing community.  Online here, there’s the WordPress community & it’s been very supportive.  One of my goals in the new year is to find a writing community in the “real” world – a group with whom I can share my newest poems, essays & chapters from the novel – get feedback & hear about whatever new things they’re working on – I haven’t been in a group like that in several years.  I live in the Greater Boston area – there’s got to be at least one group like that around here!

& honestly – I think the main thing – just like with any depressive episode – the main thing is to simply hang in there.   Don’t give up.  Don’t stop writing – or producing music – or any art – don’t ever stop.  The Third Reich & the USSR under Stalin were brutal for all artists – the silencing of Boris Pasternak comes immediately to mind – but we can continue to produce art nonetheless.  None of these regimes ever lasted.  & neither will whatever repressive world that is produced by a Trump presidency.

So write.  Sing.  Dance.  Paint.  Don’t let the assholes silence you.

& to all my faithful followers & readers …. I will be posting new chapters on the novel & new poems very soon.  Hang in there with me.  Thank you & Happy Holidays to all of you!

© polly macdavid