Patterned in Dorset (3)

Sun in Gemini

It is said that a chapel dedicated to St Catherine once stood on this hill, looking down at the little town of Cerne Abbas, below.

The original St Catherine was a pre-Christian figure about whom very little is known. She was associated with the symbol of an eight-armed wheel – the famous ‘Catherine wheel’, remembered now in the name of a firework….

Those visiting hadn’t known of the site’s link to St Catherine when the plans for the Silent Eye’s pre-solstice weekend were created by Stuart and Sue. But the presence of symbols related to St Catherine only added to the power of what would unfold in a hidden enclave, below.

Above: the hidden path down to The Silver Well


Two women wait in the green-kissed shadows of a path leading down to a holy well. They are both recent graduates of the Silent Eye’s three-year course in Self-knowledge…

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  1. These posts are becoming more intriguing and incredible all the time. I LOVE reading them, looking up the things I am unfamiliar with, and reading the meanings of symbols and historical events, etc. I have never been in a study that was so much fun as well as spiritually and mentally satisfying, and such a good challenge. It is the first thing I look for while I am having my coffee in the morning. Thank you one and all.

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