The 9 Best Spots to Hit an Attacker in Self Defense

I was taught this stuff in 1978, in Sex Ed/Health class. I was also told that the best weapon a woman could have was her BRAIN … any other weapon (such as a gun) could be taken away from her & used against her.


Individual Empowerment

There are so many great self-defense moves to learn depending on how you are attacked. In my self-defense class I teach women and girls how to escape from choking, bear hugs, and to get out from under a man.  Of course if you can stop the attacker from every putting you into a hold this is best. Hitting the most sensitive parts of the body is just as important as learning to escape holds.

There are 9 points that I was trained to hit if I was ever attacked. These points are meant to disable an attacker by causing enough pain for you to safely move away from and if possible run away.  A perk of these points is that you don’t need to be a muscle builder to use them for self-defense. You just need the force of your body and momentum. Striking the most sensitive parts of a…

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2 Replies to “The 9 Best Spots to Hit an Attacker in Self Defense”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m teaching a self-defense class this afternoon. Learning how to defend myself and teaching other women and queer folk gives me a greater sense of purpose. Have you learned self-defense?

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