The Truth about Trump’s devoted supporters

A “cut & paste” reblog from On The Fence Voters … since the reblog button isn’t working … here’s the link:

The Truth about Trump’s devoted supporters

I feel the same way but I don’t have any problem cutting ties with friends who are devoted to Trump.  The way I see it … hanging out & partying together thirty or forty years ago is something I did with a whole lot of people & doesn’t really mean that we were close friends.  The fact that ANYONE could be a devoted supporter of Trump shows that we have absolutely nothing in common on a philosophical & spiritual level and that’s what means the most to me.  The ONLY people that are not in this category are the members of my immediate family.  & I mean immediate family.  I will cut some slack for my mother, my brothers & my sisters but they are the only ones.  There are cousins I no longer care to speak to.  Oh … if we meet at a wedding or a funeral or some other reunion, I’ll be polite & all.  But that’s as far as that goes.

As this country descends further into chaos & crapola, I don’t feel the need to remain friends with people who are part of the problem & indeed, are cheering on this descent.

Thanks to Jill Dennison at Filosofa’s World for turning me onto this great blog!

4 Replies to “The Truth about Trump’s devoted supporters”

  1. I’m following too.
    I’m so glad here, on WordPress, I can find so many of us who think alike for the most part. It makes me feel less alone in the world of the trump cult and I live in an area where there are many.😢

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Jeff’s work, and for the mention of my own blog! Yes, these are, as they say, “The times that try men’s (and women’s) souls”. We must keep fighting, else we are destined to lose this all-important battle.

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