The Christian Right is Brainwashing People I Love

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Lucky Otters Haven

Currently, one of my favorite blogs is the progressive Christian pastor John Pavlovitz’ blog Stuff That Needs to Be Said.     There have been so many times I’ve wanted to reblog his wonderful, very readable articles, but alas, his blog features no reblog button.   Therefore, I will just provide the link to his latest.

There is so much truth in his posts.  Every time I read them, I find myself nodding vigorously in agreement.  There is so much I can relate to in them.

The Christian Right has indeed become quite terrifying, as they have weaponized a religion that was intended by its founder to be peaceful and based on love in order to achieve an evil and heartless political agenda based on power and greed.    It has become more like a cult than a religion, but sadly, a lot of people are buying it.

The Christian Right Is…

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One Reply to “The Christian Right is Brainwashing People I Love”

  1. I’m not religious, but I can see what this is doing to otherwise normal people, who are.

    And it is Fox News that is almost 50% responsible, give or take. The viewers see no other source of news, nor read any article in a magazine that they view as fake news. They stay willfully ignorant and they turn negative and mean.

    But their own character and propensity for racism, homophobia and need to judge others is at play too. I suspect it has always been in them.

    And religion is 50% responsible too. The hard core far right New Political Christianity Religion, that has taken over the Republican Party and some churches, sees a way to get more power and hence more money.

    Then other than a few like John Pavolitz, who I do like, the moderate or liberal religions don’t say much.

    Luckily I am not close to anyone that is a trump supporter or particularly religious. I have some acquaintances who are, but honestly, I just could not be close friends with anyone of that mindset.

    It is very discouraging when it’s people we are fond of and particularly with actual family members you thought you knew better.

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