Every Girl Needs



  1.  You need a secret stash of money.  Sadly, it can’t be in a bank or investment account, because you will have to report that on your taxes, or when you apply for a mortgage, or when you buy a car, or whatever.  This is a stash of money that your partner does not know about.  Women in my mother’s generation used to shave a little bit off the “grocery allowance” that their husbands gave them.  It’s the money you will use to get away from him if he’s abusive, to pay for an abortion if he gets you pregnant, to help out your sister when he says, “No, she should have stayed with her abusive boyfriend.”  In the end, he’ll die before you and you can use the money for a lovely headstone and perpetual flowers.
  2. Don’t let him take that picture and don’t you take it and send it…

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