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My sisters, we’re burning — but not in that fire!
The spiral’s at hand where we love, rule, and flower
Our world into life. It’s our time to inspire,
My sisters! We’re burning! But not in that fire —
Our witchy souls fly home to truth and desire —
We’re turning at last — in our own sacred power —
My sisters. We’re burning. But not in that fire!
The spiral’s at hand, where we love, rule, and flower.

Annie Finch

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The Deep State bites back

TWO BRAVE WOMEN. May there be more to follow!

On The Fence Voters

It’s notable that in the last few days, we’ve seen two women, Marie Yovanovitch and Fiona Hill, come forward to testify before the various committees conducting an impeachment inquiry into the actions of President Trump, surrounding his phone call to the Ukrainian President.

By all accounts, even though we haven’t seen the transcripts, they’ve given powerful testimony, both exhibiting a full grasp of the issues commensurate with their long histories of serving at the State Department and the National Security Council. In other words, here are two powerful women, intelligent and patriotic, who’ve served with distinction and honor for the United States government. Not only that, but both are experts in their particular field of foreign diplomacy, invaluable resources in how we relate to various situational hotspots around the world.

Is it any wonder that the President doesn’t care for either of these two brave women? Of course not. It’s…

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#FridayFantasy . . . Just small, gentle hums of beauty…


” I don’t ever crave extraordinary moments anymore.
Just small, gentle hums of beauty streaming from below, above,
and beyond simply from paying attention. Sound. Light. Shadow.
Art. Warmth. The night. The morning. Dreams that are not far away
but exist right here – already in my days, hands, and heart.”

~ Victoria Erickson

Text & image source: Mitra Shahidi

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

orange roseThe Love you seek
Is a Love within,
Love that is calling
To a Love without;
Yet the Love without
Is the Love within.
A Love that yearns
And knows Love’s home,
For Love is lost,
When we Love alone.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.” Rumi

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10/6 Mad Hatter Day!

Who knew?

Histories and Mysteries

The Mad Hatter has always been a beloved character, and a bit of a cultural icon. He occupies just a small amount of the Alice stories, but he is one of Lewis Carroll’s most popular inventions. In fact, he is so popular, we even have a day to celebrate him! Today,  October 6, is National Mad Hatter Day.

Why October 6th? Well, if you remember the original Alice illustrations by Sir John Tennial, you might know that there is a slip of paper on the Hatter’s hat that reads: “In this style, 10/6.”

This means the Hatter has an order to make a hat in exactly that style, and it will cost ten shillings and sixpence. (It has nothing to do with October. But then again, Pi has nothing to do with March 14th, and we celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 anyway.)  In U.S. date representation, the month comes first and then…

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Myths About Columbus

The Propaganda Professor


The above portrait of Christopher Columbus is probably more accurate than most, because it depicts his prematurely gray hair. Unfortunately, the tint of his locks isn’t the worst morsel of misinformation widely distributed in romanticized visual and verbal portraits. Children are no longer fed the Caucasian-centric absurdity that he “discovered America” — which is quite inaccurate even from a Caucasian-centric vantage point. But there are plenty of other misconceptions about the man that many people still take on good faith. Here are the most  common.

Myth # 1: He was Italian

There is a great deal of scholarly speculation about the famed navigator’s national and ethnic roots, with recent scholarship suggesting he was Spanish (there is even some evidence that he may have been of Hebraic derivation). For the time being, however, the official story is still that he was born Cristoforo Colombo in Geneoa, which of course is a city…

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