Some People See Things as They Are and Ask, “Why?” Others Dream of Things that Never Were, and Ask…

Do I EVER agree! Stop asking “How are we going to pay for it?” & just do it already! Nobody cared how we were going to pay for 18+ years of war. Nobody cared about how we were going to pay for tax breaks for the richest of the rich. But when it comes to healthcare for the PEOPLE … for anything that HELPS THE PEOPLE … it’s HELL NO, WE CAN’T AFFORD IT.

Tired of all of this. Just DO IT already. Give the people WHAT THEY WANT. & Stop telling us we don’t want it cuz we can’t afford it.

Mike the Mad Biologist

…do they violate PAYGO spending caps? The obsession with deficits by our radical centrist political press corps and by too much of the Democratic Party is going to get us all killed. Or at least very miserable (boldface mine):

When they are inevitably asked by a moderator from MSNBC or the Washington Post how they plan to “pay for” one of their signature proposals — whether it is Medicare for All (Elizabeth Warren), a Green New Deal (Bernie Sanders), baby bonds (Cory Booker), middle-class tax cuts (Kamala Harris), or a universal basic income (Andrew Yang) — they should respond with one word: Mexico.

Mexico, they should say, with the straightest of straight faces, will pay for it.

Yes, that line would get a big laugh from the crowd in the hall. It would go viral online. It would endear the…

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