Tarot Tuesday – Arrows 8

Wow! As someone who has been working on her own Tarot set for the last couple of years (in poetry & collage), and has been struggling with writer’s block, this posting was a shot in the arm! Thank you, Labyrs!


For me tarot cards are like a therapist and if the first deck doesn’t work for you, you must quit and find another.  You need a deck that not only speaks to you, but that doesn’t make you want to run away in confusion.

This deck is my perfect therapist.  It is intuitive for me, the old classic meanings from long ago Rider-Waite still come to me, but transform most easily into something different, more nature/world centered.  I just have to gently remind myself, as with every deck I’ve owned that uses names aside from traditional titles of suits – Swords/Wands/Pentacles/Cups – of where they belong in that scheme.

So the eight of swords, the “lord of shortened force” is very familiar to me even appearing as it does here as a winter isolated woman struggling in snow, arrows from some lost hunt marking failure and despair.

When I made…

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