Misunderstanding Flattening the Curve

A very good read

Mike the Mad Biologist

Over the weekend, I saw a spate of tweets and other commentary along the lines of ‘we should end lockdown because we’re all going to get COVID-19 anyway, so why destroy the economy too.’ A slightly more sophisticated version argues that most of our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed (yet…), so we can reopen things. While I’ve seen these arguments more from the right, there is a wing of the left that’s also embracing these arguments. Unfortunately, these arguments ignore the goals–note the plural–of what social distancing and ‘lockdowns‘ are designed to do.

One reason for this is that the public communications, messaging, or whatever else you want to call it have been nearly uniformly horrible, in no small part, because the executive branch of the U.S. had a message of ‘there is no problem.’ (PROTECT TEH STONKS!) The one success appears to be handwashing (and it took a global…

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