The Divided States

A Must-Read


During a state of emergency, the true character of a nation becomes known. Given the confusion and mistrust exacerbated by the coronavirus, might it be reasonable to conclude that we have lost our common identity as Americans? Perhaps decades of political bickering have at last taken their toll, rendering the United States a nation untrue to name.

A vintage American Flag and the text “with liberty and justice for all.”

Divide and conquer, a tactic usually reserved for foreign policy now seems more applicable domestically, not as evidence of a conspiracy but as the modus operandi of a plutocracy operating under the guise of democracy. Isn’t that why millions of Americans are mired in frustration, unable to make a difference as they rail against the other half and struggle to stay afloat?

Sadly, the issues that consume so much of our time are largely irrelevant, especially in retrospect. From one scandal to the next we are kept occupied and consequently impotent. Have we…

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