The Trouble With Statues

Because the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.

his vorpal sword

Here’s a story for you:

Wilson Center [Princeton University]:

Statement from The Wilson Center  —  The Wilson Center was chartered by Congress in 1968 as the official memorial to President Wilson.  The namesake of our institution – while a visionary in international affairs – held racist views and implemented racist policies as President of Princeton University and as President of this country…

And here’s a word for you: iconoclast.

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Saturday Caturday

I went into the bathroom today & opened up the small cupboard where I keep the towels & washcloths & toilet papers & look who I found!  Radar looks quite comfy in there.


photograph © polly macdavid





Corporations Are Citizens — What Are We?

I noticed the change from “citizen” to “consumer” about twenty years ago. Gee, I even remember “civics” being taught in school when I was a kid. How things have changed.

Bracing Views

citizen I sure wish this image reflected reality

W.J. Astore

Back in January 2010, I wrote the following article for Truthout in the aftermath of the Citizens United decision.  Despite recent mass protests driven by murders of blacks such as George Floyd, not much has changed.  Police reforms are stalled at the federal level, and a racist president continues to inflame even as he seeks greater power.  Americans are told change will come via the ballot box, but when politicians are essentially owned by citizen-corporations, changing a few faces in Congress or even the Oval Office will change little.  As George Carlin explained to a skeptical audience: “You have owners.  They own you.”  And so we are reduced to certain roles in society, mainly as consumers but also as warriors and prisoners – or so I argued in 2010:

Corporations Are Citizens — What Are We?

This week’s Supreme Court…

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Filosofa's Word

I know the majority of people in this … or any nation … are decent human beings who care about the planet, wildlife, and their fellow humans.  At least … I hope that’s still the case.  But those ‘bad apples’ sure do stink and they seem to be everywhere you look!  The latest example that slapped me across the face this morning was this one …bitch-womanThis woman was part of a counter-protest during a Black Lives Matter event in Branson, Missouri, on Sunday.  Okay, the confederate flag is offensive enough, but we’re used to the fools waving those things around. And the maga hat … it doesn’t even offend anymore … it is a joke.  It was what she screeched at the Black Lives Matter protestors that caused my jaw to drop …

“I will teach my grandkids to hate you all!”

Then she got to her feet with…

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Saturday Caturday

It’s wicked hot & humid here in Buffalo & nobody is happy about it.  The cats are lying around … Jack is in my closet, where it’s cool.  I can’t get a decent pic of him.  But here’s Radar & Bobby.



The problem with the cats being so out of it all day is that they are active at night & will NOT let me sleep.  Radar, especially, bothers me … he sits on the nightstand next to my bed & paws at me to wake me up & feed him or play with him or just get up & do something … I don’t know what!  I don’t care!  I just want to sleep!

I hate summer!  I can hardly wait for winter when the cats are all curled up with me all night long & I can listen to them purr as I fall in & out of dreamland.

all photographs © polly macdavid