Saturday Caturday

It’s another Saturday when Brett the plumber is here & the water is off & my bathroom is torn apart & it’s noisy & disruptive for me & the cats.  Hopefully, there’s only a few more hours of this.  My landlord said that this is the last Saturday Brett will be here but I’ll believe that when next Saturday rolls around.

The cats are handling it in their usual ways.

Radar was bothering me for quite a while (“Make the noise stop, Mommy!”) but he gave up & curled up in a box & eventually went to sleep.


Jack is in his corner on the couch.


You can see the look of resignation in his face.

Bobby is hiding somewhere.  He’s probably underneath the couch but he could be literally anywhere.  I have never had a cat who can hide like Bobby can.  I swear, he can fold himself up into an envelope & mail himself to another municipality!  That cat is talented. 

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting & reading & waiting this out.

all photographs © polly macdavid





2 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. Well, everything is done except for the tile behind the toilet, which needs to be replaced. So … Brett will be back sometime during the week to do that job. It’s always something.

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