Well said! A must read


I had chicken pox as a baby (I don’t remember it) but I’ve had shingles THREE TIMES, the first time when I was EIGHT years old. It’s not just for old farts! In fact, the last time I had it, I was only thirty-seven years old! I hope NEVER to go through that hell again but I suppose I probably will. I’m only sixty years old & in generally good health.

COVID-19 is nothing to laugh off & yet I hear people talking about it as if it’s nothing more than “the seasonal flu”. I don’t know if they’re ignorant of the facts, in denial, or they just don’t care. Maybe a mixture of all three. I get it … what’s gonna happen is gonna happen … but we DO have some control over our lives. & every single one of us touches the lives of every person with whom we meet. Every. Single. Person.

Time to get real.

2 Replies to “Well said! A must read”

  1. Thank you Polly for the reblog. Shingles are serious and as you say very painful. There is a shot for older people, but I am not sure if it works for people who have already had an episode of them. Best wishes. Hugs

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