Will Operation June Cleaver Be Deployed in 2020

Fabulous read. Great pictures.

Envisioning The American Dream

Get ready to set your clocks back, kids.

No, it’s not daylight savings time yet, but it’s about to get darker a lot earlier than many of us hoped for.

A woman whose religious beliefs require her to absolute obedience to a husband lest she is “shamed, shunned or humiliated” is poised to occupy the same seat as Ruth Bader Ginsburg that tireless champion of gender equality.

Trump’s nomination of right-wing conservative Amy Barrett threatens a systemic unraveling of decades hard-won and hard-fought-for fights that have given American women some semblance of autonomy and control in their lives.

This transition feels impossible but it’s not.

Women have had their autonomy and freedom pulled out from them before. After WWII a massive campaign went into effect to get the independent working women of America back to the home, hearth, and hubby and the mid-century mythologizing of the happy housewife and her…

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