About this new Block Editor from WordPress

I subscribe to dozens of WordPress blogs, as well as blog on WordPress myself. I have been reading LOTS of complaints about the new “Block Editor” from WordPress. This was imposed on us bloggers, whether we wanted it or not. The complaints I have been hearing range from how difficult it is to work with to outright hatred & threats of bloggers leaving WordPress for other platforms.

Honestly, I don’t see the problem here. Yeah, it’s not as easy to use as the old “Classic” mode of WordPress but it’s not at all difficult. & the truth of it is, WordPress has been changing things for quite a long time & for someone like me … who has a free domain … it’s so bare-bones now that I have to do a lot of playing around with the format just to get my poems to look the way I want them to & I had to do that YEARS before the Block Editor came around. Ya know, you take the good with the bad no matter what.

I dunno. Maybe it’s because I started working with computers back in the old Fortran & DOS days, when you had to know the “language” of whatever platform you were using & it wasn’t really easy to produce anything at all … but I really don’t see the problem with this new Block Editor. Maybe it’s different with a paid subscription? Again, I don’t know. Maybe I would feel differently if I was paying for this. But honestly, I don’t have any reason to “hate” this new format or even to complain about it. There’s lots of things to complain about in this world – even to hate! WordPress’s Block Editor isn’t one of them.

Just my two cents for today.

6 Replies to “About this new Block Editor from WordPress”

  1. I agree, SilverAppleQueen. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. The block editor is not perfect, but it’s a lot easier to move things around and that makes a big difference if you like to construct what can be complex posts, by dropping thing in in sections, then sorting them out when you have the ‘flow’ in place at the end. My big objection is that WordPress don’t test things well. The implementation on iOS is full of holes. But, overall, I find blocks a good friend.

    1. Many years ago, I had a good friend in AA who told me that we “all wired differently” & I think that for some of us, the Block Editor just isn’t a big deal to work with, while for others, any kind of change is just a hassle & hard to deal with. I resisted going to the Block Editor for a long time because I was reading all the doom & gloom reviews of it & when I finally went to it, I was like … gee, what’s all the fuss? Thanks for reading.

  2. As with anything transformative, Gutenberg has a big learning curve. However, I’ve found it relatively easy to use. Some of the niggling problems I’ve experienced have been fixed with updates. I’ve been using the block editor since January. No going back, for me.

  3. Well SaQ, you know my sentiments on this new change… again. And furthermore, I think I pay WordPress enough annually to warrant using an Editor that I love personally. But WP won’t allow me to do that without paying them more. 😠

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