Vintage Springmaid Textiles Ads – A Real Eyeful

I’ve been streaming “Mad Men” for days now (don’t ask) & this great blog post from Sally Delstein fits my nostalgic mood perfectly.

Envisioning The American Dream

Spring Maid Fabrics Ad

In the puritanical Post-War years before there was Playboy Magazine, red-blooded ex-GI’s could still get an eyeful of racy pin-up girls just by glancing through their favorite magazine.

No, I’m not talking about Wink, Flirt, Eyeful, or any of the dozens of girlie pulp magazines hidden in the high, rear shelves of the local drug store, but right there in the mid-century family’s  Norman Rockwell covered Saturday Evening Post.  All-business, no-nonsense Fortune Magazine offered an eyeful too!

vintage womens Fashion springmaid ads illustration pin ups Vintage Springmaid Fabrics Ads 1948

These and several other mass-market magazines all ran a legendary series of advertisements put out by Springmaid Fabrics filled with enough risqué wording and sexy pin-up girls to rival those of illustrators Earl Moran and Pete Driben’s girlie covers on Twitter.

These ads generated both public adoration and puritanical outrage. It wasn’t so much the illustrations that caused a ruckus but the often salacious double entendre copy…

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