We need new swear words

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aunt polly's rants

I don’t want to “reach out” to the loser Trump voters. I don’t want to “become friends” again. I don’t want to try to “understand” their pain or sorrow or any of that sh*t. Honestly, f#ck that sh*t.

I’m tired of people talking to me like I’m the idiot when they don’t even have a high-school diploma & I have two college degrees & the only thing that kept me from getting more education was a lack of money. I would have started auditing classes this fall, since I turned sixty this year but COVID f#cked up those plans. I LOVE to learn. I read ALL the time. But some people think that’s a sign of … I don’t know what. Nerdism or something. Oh, I guess I’m just not one of the cool kids.

I love this Isaas Asimov quote. I meet people all the time who insist that…

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2 Replies to “We need new swear words”

  1. I feel very much the same way. My BF and I were just talking about it last night as the news showed the video of the rioters looting the floor of the Senate. Apparently, they found notes from Ted Cruz and they immediately thought that he was selling them out. When there was no one telling them what to think, they couldn’t understand that trying to overturn the votes in Arizona was actually a good thing for them. They didn’t even have enough content knowledge to know what they are fighting for. I have been angered every time they say that we are the “sheepal”. It’s insane. It just all feels crazy.

  2. This post was actually from an argument I had with someone the day before I was still angry. I am really tired of being told that my education doesn’t matter & I am/was being “indoctrinated by the state” or whatever they think … getting an education means you learn to think for yourself! These people are idiots. Thanks for reading! & yes, it all feels crazy because IT IS CRAZY.

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