Saturday Caturday

It’s wicked cold & windy here in Buffalo today & the cats & I have been sleeping off & on most of the day. Bobby has been napping here on the couch with me. I took some pics but for some reason, they won’t upload to my laptop. Mercury retrograde starts in 7 days; perhaps that’s the reason.

Anyway, here’s a old picture of Bobby, all cozy in the afghan. It’s from several years ago, but he hasn’t changed. Perhaps there’s a few grey hairs in his ears now.

Bobby hates the cold more than the other cats. He will always be by the heating vent or under a warm blanket or on my comfy lap. He loves to be held. Unlike many cats, he loves to be hugged & kissed & he is free with his kisses. When James was home, he used to “groom” James – lick his buzzed head until it was quite wet!

Bobby is my black beauty. He’s a sweet kitty, one of the sweetest ones I’ve ever had.

7 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. Bobby reminds me of another black beauty named Panther that belonged to a friend. Panther was a California cat so he didn’t have to worry about staying warm. Yet, he loved to snuggle even visitors like me. Very unusual for a cat. Sounds like you have a rare gem. Great pic.

  2. Thank you! I had another black cat, years ago, named Jet. Jet hated to be picked up & held but I used to do it, just to hear him protest. When he got sick, he wanted to be held, that’s how I knew he was sick. He lived to be 16. I still miss him. I miss all my pets who are now gone. Thanks for reading.

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