Muzdawidj Notes

Sounds very musical.

About the Jez of It

Persian poetry influenced other nations and whilst Turkish poetry also developed it, it was slightly later influenced by Persian poetry and was popular in Turkey until the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Early Urdu Mathnawi was at first religious in nature, but because of Persian influence included romance, and adventure and even secular stories. The Arabic Mathnawi (Called Muzdawidj) has one major difference in that it is presented as a triplet with the rhyme scheme

aaa bbb ccc and so on


Coast Guardians by Ivor Hogg

There is no place I'd rather be.
Than here where I can watch the sea.
Which ebbs and flows continually.

The beach that forms the boundary
and seperates the land and sea.
Is prone to change erratically.

I know the changes I can see
Last only temporarily.
Until the next tide probably.

Most changes only transient.
They're very rarely permanent.
A fact that's…

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