I totally agree.

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I came across a blog post today that I happen to agree with. Not everyone will.

Nonetheless, I decided to share it and let you make up your own mind.

**For some known-only-to-Wordpress (!) reason, the “reblog” option on the website didn’t work, so following is the intro with a link to read the remaining post.**

The title of the post is: Shall We Start Burning Books Again? (This is a rant…read if you like)

The blogger begins with a reference to the recent news related to six of Dr. Seuss’s books and then continues …

Ok, people things have gotten ridiculous.  It needs to stop.

YES, we can look at books, movies, advertising, tv shows, songs, etc. from the past and see the racism, sexism, ageism, and all the other isms!  We can see the flagrant homophobia.

BUT, I’m sorry we cannot erase history AND we shouldn’t as then…

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4 Replies to “Censorship”

  1. The thing that’s so stupid is that these books have been changing since their original publication because Theodore Geisel’s political/ethical views had always been evolving & this is just one more point on that change station, only now it’s the estate/publishers doing the change, not Geisel. Also, the books themselves are not disappearing, they’re not just being published anymore. The originals & the books that were published up to this past year will still be in existence. & GUESS WHAT. Their worth just went through the roof. If you own one of these original books, you own something worth thousands of dollars, maybe millions. Ending the publication of these books just made them VERY VALUABLE.

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