Nguyễn Khánh Duy | Crossing the border (6)

Brilliant poetry.


By Nguyễn Khánh Duy, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


Crossing the border

(Upon the monetary value of human life)



ten fingers lit up in devilish flames

the lights of homage

the cleansing of bloody blades in holy water

the cross on its side on guard for the escape,

I was peeing on the Berlin wall

I was shitting on the Great Wall of China

I was looking for a Bangkok prostitute

I was worshipping a mannequin.


My wife claimed I will find myself on the side

I will find what I seek other than the dotted blue flames

and the quietness of crossing the sea borders at night,

a person just died dear

a person was just raped

the blood and spermed still a mess

upon the monetary value of human life.


Buddha was never born in the U.S.A.

they believe in God as…

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