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Those of you who have spent time in Rome or in many other cities in the world have seen them.


Egyptian obelisks.  Those four sided monuments topped by a pyramid shaped point.  The Washington Monument is an American shaped copy though one cannot enter the genuine article.

Once they all stood in ancient Egypt, monuments to the greatness of  the Pharaoh who created them and the glory of his reign.  The ancient Egyptians made a number of obelisks which were mostly placed in pairs at the entrances to temples.

Of the 28 existing obelisks standing today, only 6 are in Egypt.  The rest are located in London, Paris,  Istanbul, New York and Rome.  Why each of these treasures stands where it is today is literally a biography of each.

After standing in Egypt for a thousand years plus (the oldest surviving obelisk is over 4,000 years old) there…

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3 Replies to “Needles”

  1. At first, I thought this post might synch up with mine today on getting vaccinated. By the way, there is a great book and movie called “The Needle” about a Nazi spy in England who knows where Operation Overlord is headed and must be stopped. But, those are different needles. Keith

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