Songkran…Thai New Year …13th April 2021…

This sounds like fun!

Retired? No one told me!

Songkran is held on 13th April every year. Songkran literally means “astrological passage” meaning transformation or change. The term was borrowed from Makar Sankranti a Hindu festival celebrated in India to mark the arrival of spring. Coinciding with the rising of Aries in the astrological calendar, this festival is in keeping with the Buddhist/Hindu solar calendar, which is on many calendars of South and South-East Asia.

It is a time when water is used to cleanse and purify by washing away one’s sins. It is also a time when people return to their home provinces to celebrate with family and friends.

There is much fun and laughter and if you don’t wish to get soaked ..then stay home…Everyone wears bright coloured shirts and most carry a water gun or hose pipe….fully loaded and ready to soak you…haha…

The additional of talcum powder is also used so it is advisable to…

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Lesson From Puzzle


Okay just take a moment to think. What if I give you one different piece of the puzzle and ask you to place it somewhere in your puzzle set? It will not fit anywhere, right? or even if it gets fit it will not complete the picture, it will look like only a mistake because that piece doesn’t belong to this puzzle. That piece will not get its value there, but when it will get placed in the right puzzle set it will gain its value back and completes the puzzle.

Similarly, you get your value when you are at the right place where you belong, not where people demand you to be.

Find your place.

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Sunday Sonnet

Another poem from The Reality Street Book of Sonnets. As usual, I just opened the book & this is what I found. Poetic bibliomancy, in a way. There’s always a message!

This sonnet is by Philip Kuhn. I know absolutely nothing about him but of course, there’s always Google. I like that he wrote sonnets about Schubert sonatas. Sonnets – sonatas.


Kuhn, Philip. “sent three sonnets for schubert sonatas”. The Reality Street Book of Sonnets. edited by Jeff Hilson. Hastings: Reality Street Editions, 2008. Poem found on page 210