6 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

    1. Hello Polly. Saturday I tried to set up a new blog on Bluehost. Part of the process got messed up and so the blog is not right. They advised me to wait until monday and to contact tech support again them if it doesn’t fix it self by magic. As soon as I can get it fixed I will be back. I miss sharing my voice and views. Be well. Hugs

    1. Hello Polly. It was not that. I was doing fine with the Classic work around. They killed my blog. I went to sign on two fridays ago and the blog was gone. WordPress.com wouldn’t tell me why the suspended my blog, I repeated tried to find out. The then refunded my money entirely, not prorated, which shows they were wrong. My Gravatar account ( Gravatar is owned in part or whole by WordPress ) was then blocked due to spamming? How I was spamming with a suspended / deleted blog I don’t know. So I was left with no choice by try to make a new one. However the problem is the domain I own did not transfer over correctly and the weekend support people do not know how to fix it. Hugs

  1. WOW. I have heard of this happening … mostly to radical feminist blogs (gotta punish those evil terfs, ya know) but you are the first man I have heard this happening to. Utterly amazing.

    I know SO many people who have left or are leaving WordPress, which makes me sad, because it has been a wonderful community for me. But it’s not the same place it was a few years ago.

    No matter where you are, I will subscribe to your new blog. hugs

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