No, Jack, Zuck, and Steve didn’t actually make anything.


Badtux the Snarky Penguin

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'I made Twitter Imade Facebook I made Apple That's nice, guys. I made Jimi Hendrix.'

None of those guys made Twitter, Facebook, or Apple. Rather, the thousands of talented engineers that they hired made Twitter, Facebook, and Apple. Jack, Zuck, and Steve were just good at a) scamming investors to give them the money to hire those engineers, and b) scamming the general public into believing that Jack, Zuck, and Steve were anything other than glib scam artists to begin with.

Meanwhile, Jimi’s mom actually *did* make Jimi, with a little help from a sperm donor. Spent nine months baking him in the womb, far more work than any of those scam artists ever did in their entire life.

When it comes to creators, I rank Jimi’s mom way above any of the glib scam artist “tech titans” who’ve managed to convince the world that they did something other than manage to successfully scam people. Hell, Facebook wasn’t even a novel or revolutionary concept, there…

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