Why I’m Almost As Excited As Joe Biden About That New Pickup Truck…

It’s funny, the other day, I was listening to two men talk about how they would “never” drive an electric vehicle. They may not have a choice, if they are still driving in another 10-15 years. This truck sounds fabulous! The whole plan sounds great!


Unlike President Biden, I certainly do not consider myself a “car guy.” No way. I want a car that’s reliable, safe, with air conditioning for the summer and a heater for the winter. That’s it.

Why, then, am I so excited about the newly introduced Ford-150 pickup truck?

Because this is a story that combines several happy elements—good old American ingenuity, the importance of immigrants in our nation’s life and future, and real potential advances in both creating good new jobs and enhancing our efforts to protect the earth from climate change.

Here’s a clip of the President behind the wheel of the all-electric Ford-150 “Lightning” pickup truck—after he’d addressed UAW workers one day before the Lightning’s formal introduction. The truck is wrapped to hide its new exterior prior to that public showing.

He said in his speech that if he could “lose the Secret Service,” he hoped to drive the…

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