Saturday Caturday

I’ve been out & about all day … it’s a lovely day here in Buffalo, NY. Just 80 degrees & sunny & a great breeze off Lake Erie. I’ve done some shopping & had a great Sahlen’s hotdog cooked perfectly on the grill & a few Labatt’s Blues. Now I’m home … & I just noticed that Radar was playing with something … that he really shouldn’t be playing with.

A wasp.

I was like, how did this get in my apartment? & then I saw my door to the balcony & I was like, OH OK …

Certainly enough room for a wasp or any other insect to work their way through that space!

I wonder how long he’s (she?) been in my apartment. Maybe not that long. I think the cats would have been playing with him for hours & killed him & eaten him long before I got home. Or worse … gotten stung! That would have been terrible!

But obviously … the wasp had been in the apartment for a while & the cats hadn’t noticed him. They were probably sleeping. They probably didn’t notice the wasp until I got home & woke them up. I was home about an hour before I noticed them with the wasp.

Radar must have been able to get the wasp onto the floor somehow … probably hit it down with his paw. He’s got great paw-eye coordination.

This is Radar deciding what to do next with the wasp. I’ve seen Radar with mice & other insects – he’ll take his sweet time with this decision. At least an hour.

Bobby watching Radar play with the wasp.

Of course I couldn’t let this go on. Wasps have a nasty sting – even when they’re dying – especially when they’re dying – & of course a cat doesn’t know this. But I know this. I’m allergic to wasps & bees. I was stung by a wasp when I was ten & almost died. I didn’t want Radar to get stung. I don’t know if he was allergic or not but who wants to deal with a cat who’s been stung by a dying wasp? & it’s the weekend. That means going to a ER Vet & that’s a HUGE cost, not counting what Uber would soak me.

The wasp wasn’t dead but it was hanging on. Radar would have played with it for hours. I got a paper towel & picked it up – very carefully – & then crushed it with a plate – & put in the garbage.

Of course Radar is now all upset because I took his toy. He looked for it long after I put it in the garbage.

I gave Radar & Bobby some cat treats & they’re OK now. Cat treats always work. Radar settled down on the packing paper in the spare bedroom & now he’s sleeping. I’m so glad!

all photographs © polly macdavid

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