The Englishman who invented an American fast-food icon

I LOVE hotdogs, especially here in Buffalo, NY, where we have a variety of great local hotdogs to choose from … Sahlen’s, Wardynski’s, Frey’s, Redlinski’s, just to name a few. Up the road in Rochester, they have Zweigle’s, which is sold here in Buffalo at some of our supermarkets.

On Labor Day, a perfectly grilled dog with chopped onions & Weber’s mustard is a MUST. With some potato salad & a pickle on the side. YUM!

Stephen Liddell

Everyone loves a hotdog don’t they? I know I used to eat a lot of them though I’ve not had any for about 20 years, partly that’s because it is hard to get gluten free hotdog bread rolls and partly as I prefer actual sausages in bread rolls. Nevertheless, hotdogs can be a fast and tasty way to banish hunger pans

Hotdogs though are credited as being invented by Harry M. Stevens from London though spent much of his childhood in the city of Derby. In 1871, aged 14, he was working as a puddler, an arduous and often dangerous occupation converting molten pig iron into wrought iron. Five years later he married Mary Wragg and in 1881 the couple were living at 21, Russell Street and Harry had changed jobs and worked as a potato vendor.

Around 1882 the family emigrated to the USA, settling in Niles, Ohio where…

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