Thanh Tâm Tuyền | MAI (11)

I love this


By Thanh Tâm Tuyền, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm





The soul of herbs in sleep

Dreams of the moon and stars 

the intertwined leaves the eyes narrowing

kisses on lips on cheeks on teeth

the old old verse

knocked upon the door of her heart



The summer in laughter

the spring at hand

a season of ebony hair

beautiful upon the tree groves with not a shadow



Stripped of clothes you’re the sunset

breasts beckoning the return of night

since still were the rocky hills

upon heels the bestowed kiss of fire

the cruel act

upon lips, the shattered star



Hồn thảo mộc giấc ngủ

Nằm mơ những ngôi sao mặt trăng

lá đan mắt ngõ

hôn vào môi vào má vào răng

những lời thơ rất cũ

gõ cửa trái tim nàng



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