Once again, I am ashamed to be an American

Aunt Polly has some things to say about the situation on our southern border.

aunt polly's rants

Joe Biden continues Trump’s anti-humanistic border policies.

I have to ask … how much of his devout Catholicism is a show? Because this is definitely not the act of a Christian … or any spiritual person.

US Border Patrol agents herding Haitian refugees like cattle. AP Photo by Felix Marquez.

Instead of doing the right thing & allowing everyone who wants to come to the United States & become citizens of our country, like so many others were allowed to do, Biden is allowing the Republicans to scare him into keeping the borders closed so he doesn’t appear to be “soft” on immigration, whatever the fuck that means. Well, it means nobody is allowed into the United States who isn’t white, that’s what it means. Look at the men on the horses. Look at the men on the ground.

Do the right thing already! Let these poor people in! &…

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