Monday Madness

I’m having work done on my house … a new furnace, hot water tank & central air unit … the workers are supposed to be here sometime between 8 & 8:30 this morning, so I moved the cats out into the screen-in patio, along with their food, toys & litter box. The last time something like this happened, we were moving into this place, so they are naturally very upset.

I’ve been hearing them crying, so I went to check on them.

They both greeted me at the door, but then Radar turned & hissed at Bobby. More than once! He was really nasty. It was like, “Get outta here! I’ll take care of this!” Poor Bobby retreated.

It’s unseasonably warm today ~ it’s supposed to go up into the low 80s, so it’s not like they’re going to be cold out there or anything. They’re just freaked out at the change in our daily schedule. They’re quite habit-bound.

This work is set to go through Wednesday, barring any problems. Given that we’re in the midst of a Mercury retrograde, I am prepared for the worst…but I really hope that everything goes smoothly & even faster than they expect.

photograph © polly macdavid 2021

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