The Sky Really Will Fall

This WILL happen, the sky is already falling. I see “Trump 2024” signs & banners & bumper stickers all over the place. In so-called “liberal” NY state.

On The Fence Voters

These are no Henny Pennies, these folks who have been warning us for months and years that the sky really could collapse and crush our civilization as we know it. Nor do they recklessly warn of imaginary wolves. No, these folk are modern-day prophets, informed not by divine revelation, but by first-hand, up-close, intimate, personal knowledge about a man who would be the American king. And a king cannot tolerate a democracy.

A king cannot tolerate a democracy.

Some of these prophets are former partisans who once stood proudly beside their sovereign as he sought to turn our democratic republic into an autocracy. Others attempted—with varying degrees of success—to curb the former president’s tyrannical tendencies by working within his administration.

Each, in his or her own way, has sounded the alarm about a man who holds an indefatigable influence over tens of millions of starry-eyed disciples. And each has failed…

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