Coming soon to Canada … & maybe to the US?

Aunt Polly has something on her mind.

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The banning of gender-critical feminism. Calling anything that isn’t pro-trans-ideology “hate speech” … because OMG if you hurt their precious feelings, it’s so HATEFUL!!!! It’s VIOLENCE!

If these people think that telling the truth is VIOLENCE, they obviously have never taken a beating. Which I have. More than once. At the hands of a man. & I will be in physical pain the rest of my life because of this. Don’t tell me that WORDS ARE VIOLENCE. Because they aren’t.

Take your precious hurt feelings & grow the fuck up already.

These are really dangerous times we women … BIOLOGICAL WOMEN … are living in.

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5 Replies to “Coming soon to Canada … & maybe to the US?”

  1. Hello Polly. If I did not know better I would have sworn this was written by Tony Perkins in the 1990’s / 2010’s about gays and lesbians. Same words, same meanings, just different authors. Hugs

  2. Let me correct myself. Trans-ideology directly attacks gays & lesbians. It affirms gender roles & makes sure nobody steps out of them. It’s the patriarchy on steroids. It’s the new gay conversion therapy.

    1. Polly it is the same things said about gay’s and lesbians by the AFA, Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed, Anita Bryant and so many more. You say no one is attacking gays and lesbians, but all anti-trans does is shit the target.

      I am not sure what you mean by it affirms gender roles? Again breaking the gender roles was an attack on gays and lesbians with the traditionalist saying that gays wanted to be women and the lesbians just wanted to be men.

      But beyond that gender is a social construct, we both agree on that, so why not step out of them. In some societies what is expected of men and women in their roles is really different than here in the US. Heck India has had third gender for centuries. The Native People back when the white man came here embraced transgender.

      It’s the patriarchy on steroids. Sorry this I don’t get at all. Hugs

  3. But we both know that gay men did not want to be women & gay women did not want to be men. Do you want to be a woman? I think not. My lesbian friends do not want to be men. They want to be women loving women.

    Native Americans did not embrace transgenders. The Iroquois did NOT. Native Americans were not one culture, they were many people & many different cultures. Typical white person attitude, thinking that they are one culture.

    Trans-ideology puts gender into female & male roles … so if you like girl things you are a girl, even if you were born a boy & if you like boy things you are a boy, even if you were born a girl. This is idiotic. That promotes the whole “born in the wrong body” BS & nobody is born in the wrong body. This means that a tomboy like myself would think I was born in the wrong body, instead of loving every part of myself & embracing bisexuality, which I did, most lovingly!

    This is what I mean by the patriarchy on steroids! That you have to be pink or blue … not any combination of the two or maybe some other color altogether!

    I don’t give a rats ass if a man wants to be a woman or a woman wants to be a man. That’s their fucking choice … when they are old enough to make that choice! What I don’t like is the fact that people like me who point out that it is IMPOSSIBLE to change your sex, IMPOSSIBLE that “transwomen are real women” is now “hate speech”. It is NOT hate speech. It is the TRUTH.

    Transwomen are MEN. Transmen are WOMEN. The word TRANS is there for a fucking reason.

    There’s a political movement behind all this & it’s not for a good reason. It’s not good for women & it’s not good for gays & lesbians, either. Wake up, Scottie, wake the fuck up.

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