The Feeling of Needing a Pen

I can really identify with this

Peedeel's Blog

Really, like a urine but even more gold, I thought of that line and I felt it, even between two legs I felt it, the legs I wrote just now, a panic, a run-walk to the private room with a picture of a woman on the door, or else the line was long, too long, I barged into the men’s, and felt stares burning hard like reading or noon, felt them looking me up and over, felt them looking me over and down, and all the while just holding their pens, they do it different oh no they don’t, they do it standing up, they do it at the window, they do it so secret in a three-hour bath, they do it aloud to someone else, their wife is catching every word and every word is gold. What you eat is in it, blackberries for breakfast are in it, fat…

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