Saturday Caturday

A new problem!

I have never had problems with my cats jumping up on the kitchen countertops. Perhaps because I’ve lived in the kind of apartments where the kitchen was so small that the countertops were almost non-existent or I had them completely filled with all my kitchen wares.

But since moving into the house in which I now live, Radar is jumping up on the kitchen counter tops! & not only that, he’s drinking the water out of the dishes I have in the sink soaking before washing … you know, so that the tough bits are easier to scrub off.

I guess it’s not really a problem except that I don’t want him drinking out of that pan with all the bubbles in it. That might make him sick & then I would have to clean up his puke.

It’s always something!


Saturday Caturday

It’s bitterly cold here in Buffalo, only 8 degrees as I write, with a clear blue sky & a bright sun that makes the white snow sparkle. It hurts my eyes to look out the window, it’s so bright.

I went into the spare room to put away some papers in the file box & generally straighten up & I found Radar stretched out on the floor vent, enjoying the warm flow of air.

Democracy Vs. Republic?

Man, I hear this ALL the time! A really good break-down of the debate. “…if you think these people are indifferent toward democracy, you couldn’t be more mistaken…it certainly wouldn’t hurt their cause any to convince a large part of the public that democracy never even existed in the first place.”
From what I hear, lots of people already believe that.

The Propaganda Professor

It’s bound to happen. Mention something about protecting American democracy within earshot of a right-winger, and you are pretty much guaranteed these days to get a canned response like this: “America is not a democracy, you libtard snowflake moron! It’s a republic!” This is a snappy comeback intended to “own the libs”, but all it actually does is demonstrate ignorance and gullibility.

Saying that a nation is “a republic and not a democracy” is like saying that an animal is a dog, and not a mammalian quadruped. Because democracy and republic are not at all antithetical or mutually exclusive. Rather, a republic is a particular kind of democracy: namely a democracy in which citizens elect representatives to make laws on their behalf.

As the entry for republic over at Britannica states:

republic, form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives of the citizen body. Modern republics…

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Our Naive Assumption

A must-read.

On The Fence Voters

Brooking’s Lib began his last essay by asking why anyone would ever vote for a Republican. He then went into great detail about why Republicans represent a clear and present danger to America today. He concluded his essay by asking, “Am I wrong?” No Jeff, you’re not wrong. You’re 100% correct. I’d like to offer some additional thoughts I’ve had for quite some time however.

To answer your question simply, people vote for Republicans because they like what they’re hearing from Republicans. That part has never changed.

But many things have changed. Things are very different now. We see what’s happening on the news, we read about it and we feel it in the air. We’re at each other’s throats and we literally hate each other. Many say it’s not impossible that we’re heading for another civil war, and it wouldn’t surprise me because the hatred and feelings of justification…

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Saturday Caturday

This is my newest problem. When I got Yule presents for the cats, one of gifts I bought for them was a pack of cat treats. Usually, I keep these kind of things in the pantry with the rest of the cat food but I put this pack in the upper right hand drawer of my desk, in which I keep my eight-year-old Nikon camera, the cord I need to attach it to my laptop to upload pics, & other cords for the laptop. Sometime before the holiday, I put one of the jingle bell ornaments that Radar had gotten off of the tree & was playing with when I wanted to nap … so on Christmas afternoon, after the kitties had obviously had gotten bored with their new toys, I opened up my desk drawer to give them their other holiday gift. When I opened the drawer, of course the jingle bell that was in there made its jingly sound, which alerted Radar, & when I picked up the cat treats package, both cats were RIGHT THERE.

I don’t know why I kept that package in that drawer. I should have taken it right out of there immediately & put it into the pantry where it belonged. & that jingle bell … well, I put it back into the toy box earlier this week, but I was wicked delinquent on that one, too.

So now, whether or not there’s cat treats in the drawer or not, whenever I open this drawer, for any reason, the cats come running. & I admit … I keep a pack of cat treats in the drawer because … I like the cats running to my desk. I admit it. I’m a slave to my cats. LOL

It just happened. I opened the drawer to put away my camera & the cats came running. So I gave them a little treat.

I guess I’m my own worst enemy. But hey … I would be one sad, lonely woman without Radar & Bobby.

Makara Sankranti and Sesame Sweets

I have never heard of this festival before. The world is filled with wonderful celebrations.

Kaushal Kishore

Today is the day when the Sun enters the constellation of Makara (Capricorn). It’s celebrated as Pongal, Bihu, Bhogi and mostly as Makara Sankranti in India to express gratitude to Mother Earth for providing sustenance in the form of grains and other edibles, and also to the farm animals, especially the cow, which is worshipped and treated as mother. We are the only mammals who drink the milk of other species.

This festival is important, because a  society can survive without rocket technology, but not without agriculture. This day of gratitude and celebration of the bountifulness of the earth and nature is a beautiful Indian festival that all environmentalists, irrespective of the religion and geography, should participate in.

This is celebrated by flying kites, lighting bonfires, bathing in holy rivers, worshipping Lord Sun, making, eating and distributing sweets made from sesame (til) and jaggery.

Now on a…

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