WOMEN AND HEART ATTACKS: Things Every Woman Should Know, and So Should the Men Who Share Their Worlds

This is really important. The difference in symptoms in heart attack shows the sex-based differences in men & women. You cannot “identify” yourself into the other sex & for medical reasons alone, COMPLETE HONESTY about your birth sex should be maintained, regardless of how you identify. For your own health & the collective health of all of us.

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Do you know, when women have heart attacks, they seldom experience the same symptoms as men experience. Yet men’s symptoms are well and widely known. We men are told what to watch for early in life. So why are women not told what symptoms and signs they should watch for! Heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the world. If we do not know how to spot them coming, the earlier the better, how can women get the help they need before or when they need it.

Until just recently I had no idea heart attacks for women did not present the same as heart attacks for men. And when I found out, I was furious. Even in the medical world, where women dominate by numbers, most women are not aware of their signs of an oncoming heart attack, or an ongoing heart attack. So how do…

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2 Replies to “WOMEN AND HEART ATTACKS: Things Every Woman Should Know, and So Should the Men Who Share Their Worlds”

  1. You really need to stop getting yourself irrationally angry over things that DON’T affect you. Of COURSE trans people tell their doctor’s their biological sex, that’s just stupid. You can’t CATCH heart attacks, for fuck sakes. There’s only two people who NEED to know your biological sex, yourself and your doctor. Jesus Christ STOP using your transphobia and using it to take away from real life health situations! Fucking Hell.

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