You Know You Are Starting To Heal From Trauma When ….

But it takes time.

Don't Lose Hope

You know you are starting to heal from trauma when ….

1.You recognize that you’ve gone through something really difficult, and experienced something that is truly awful.

2. You can talk about your trauma. You see it for what it is. You more fully recognize what it has done to you.

3. You feel less ashamed of being traumatized. You can separate “yourself” from what another did to you, or from what happened to you.

4. You are more adept at anticipating and recognizing your personal triggers.

5. You have a repertoire of strategies for dealing with triggers … proven strategies that work for you.

6. You are learning how to navigate and handle the emotions being traumatized evokes in you.

7. You feel more in control of yourself, and your emotional reactions.

8. You know the importance of setting boundaries … and you will enforce these boundaries when…

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