How to Paint a Watercolor Galaxy

I am sharing this so I can (selfishly) save this for myself! You know that I’m gonna try this! I’m a lousy artist AT BEST but this looks like so much fun!

Allison Marie

Hello friends!

Today’s post is a fun little art lesson for one of my favorite things to paint -galaxies! I’m hoping to make an entire watercolor video course one day, but… that has to wait until after my wedding. Heh. Meanwhile, I thought I’d try out a written format with photos. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy some art therapy! 🙂

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The Bravery of Zelenskyy vs The Cowardly Convoy

Damn straight.

On The Fence Voters

Does anyone know what happened to the “freedom convoy?” For some reason, I haven’t heard much from the MAGA crazies who took off from Southern California last week. You know, the ones with the Trump flags and banners; the “Let’s go Brandon” crowd. Some were supposed to arrive in time for President Biden’s State of the Union speech. Others are supposed to arrive over the next few days.

They were poised to do what the idiots in Canada did a few weeks ago, blocking bridges and traffic, yelling about their freedoms being infringed upon, and demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau be imprisoned.

Eventually, those folks were disbursed, arrested, and shown to be what they were: a bunch of loud-mouth jerks who didn’t like all of the mandates surrounding COVID-19. To Fox News viewers, though, you may as well equate them to Rosa Parks and other civil rights activists from the…

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