Power of One


Kaushal Kishore

Today I came across an interesting story of a jaguar and a hummingbird. According to a legend, there was one day a big fire in the forest. All the animals started fleeing in terror in all directions. One jaguar saw a hummingbird passing over his head again and again, to and fro. He couldn’t control himself and asked the little bird,
“What are you doing?”

“I am going to the lake to drink water with my beak and throw it on the fire to extinguish it,” he answered.

The jaguar laughed, “Are you crazy?
Do you really think that you can put out that big fire on your own with your very small beak?”

“No, I know I can’t. But the forest is my home. It feeds and shelters me and my family. I help the forest grow by pollinating its flowers. I am one of its parts and the…

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How Living Through Trauma Affects Your Life

The pain never goes away. It’s emotional arthritis.

Don't Lose Hope

“A girl who has lived through trauma has lived through a situation where her body, her mind, her self was not her own. Where she felt disjointed, ripped from her self, safety, and sanity. It was a moment, an experience, a something where her trust was smashed, her worth was gone and all there was pain.” – Victor Second

1. Even when you feel you have survived a trauma, it never completely goes away. The symptoms you experience may become less intense over time, and you may be triggered less frequently … but there will always be some pain, some unwanted residue.

2. Sometimes it is loud – it demands you pay attention – and it interferes with life, and affects your functioning. And when it makes a scene, there is nothing you can do but acknowledge “this is real, and it hasn’t gone away.”

3. Sometimes it is quiet…

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I love this!

Pensieri Parole e Poesie

A prile                         A  rrivi
P rimavera                 P  rediletta
R iportando               R  ianimando
I  naspettate              I  ncantevoli
L inee                           L uminose
E teree                        E  terne

    Natalia Castelluccio

      A pril                      A rrivals

      S pring                   F avorite

      R eporting R eanimating

      U nexpected         E nchanting

      L ines                     B right

      E thereal               E ternal

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      Saturday Caturday

      New cat toy!!!

      It came in this package:

      It makes a squeaky/scratchy sound. It’s really obnoxious. It’s the kind of toy that you have to put into the closet on the top shelf before you go to bed so that you aren’t woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a cat playing with it (you know the kind of toy I’m talking about).

      Of course, it’s a BIG HIT.

      Bobby hasn’t has much of a chance to play with it yet, since Radar has been dominating play with the toy but once Radar is tired of it, Bobby will start playing with it. Besides, Bobby is much more interested in the rabbits who hang out in my front garden, eating my crocuses as they pop up through the ground.