Tucker’s Boy

The AG of NY has publicly blamed this on “social media” but it’s about time that someone puts the blame on Fox News, talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, as well as the many local hate-filled radio shows all over NY … this kid didn’t learn this sh*t by himself. He learned it by watching the TV his parents watched, listening to the radio his parents listened to. Quite obviously, he never heard “All You Need is Love” growing up & he wasn’t participating in music or anything that promotes love & acceptance of others. Hate grows in many places & not just SOCIAL MEDIA.


I heard someone on a Sunday morning news show say there hasn’t been an increase in white supremacist groups, but that they’ve been given credibility and legitimized. No shit, Sherlock. But maybe with all the big-time support from major players, like Donald Trump and the entire gaggle of idiots at Fox News, perhaps they have increased recruitment for hate groups. There was no Qanon before Trump.

The number one terrorist threat in this nation is angry whiny little-dick-suffering white guys. Most terrorist attacks are committed by these goons. This has only increased during the Trump era. Who heard of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Boogaloo Boys before Donald Trump occupied the White House? And when you point out to conservatives that white nationalists are the number one terror threat in this nation, they get upset. They claim they’re not racists but they’re very defensive and protective of white…

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  1. There is an excellent series on Masterpiece airing now on PBS called “Ridley Road.” The story is about a fascist movement that occurred in Great Britain in the early 1960s. The same BS was spouted then as is spouted today in the US, blaming all problems on the others who do not belong her per the fascists. Keith

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