One Aspect of Disgust With Modern Evangelicals. The Endless Culture Wars, With Constant Friction Leads to Nothing But Division. So Much for the Peacemakers Being Blessed

It’s been like this since the Puritans first set foot on Plymouth Rock. It’s their way or no way. The rest of us don’t matter.

Wondering Eagle

This is a post about the consequences of the endless culture wars for evangelicals. Since Roe vs. Wade has been overturned I am seeing evangelicals gloat. Rub it in. Act with arrogance. It is nauseating in the view of this blogger. At a time in our society when we don’t need division, that is all evangelicals can do. Jesus must have been a fool for saying “blessed is the peacemaker.” Good luck finding a peacemaker in evangelicalism.

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“Life begins at conception” is a religious statement, not a medical statement


Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Reminder: There is no medical evidence that human life exists before the third trimester of pregnancy. A fetus prior to that time has no ability to exist independently of their mother, fails every common test of brain activity, and otherwise flunks every medical test of “human” versus “not human”.

Saying “life begins at conception” is not a medical observation. It is a religious observation. Under the 1st Amendment, we’re not supposed to be legislating religion into law. But the current right-wing jihadists who run the U.S. Supreme Court only care about one amendment of the Bill of Rights — the 2nd Amendment — and that’s because they don’t care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or rule of law in general, they care about making sure that their fellow right-wing jihadists are well armed so that they can seize power at gunpoint if the population decides they aren’t going…

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Saturday Caturday

If you’ve got a Facebook page, you probably know that they like to bring up “memories” every now & then to remind you of something you posted two, five, seven, even ten years ago. The other day, this came up on my feed:

Obviously, since the photograph has a date imprinted upon it, it’s from ten years ago … a six-year-old Jack & a six-month-old Bobby cuddling on my bed in my apartment on Custer Street in the University Heights neighborhood of Buffalo, NY.

Look at Jack’s little white feet! I used to call them his high-tops cuz they made me think of sneakers! Oh, I miss him so much! It’s hard to believe he’s been gone over a year now.

Party Before Country

I, too, no longer recognize my country.


Rusty Bowers- Speaker of the Arizona House

This week America has had the chance to watch the January 6 Select Committee public hearings investigating the insurrection at the capital and the efforts of dyed blond Don and his cronies attempt to overthrow the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

High ranking conservative Republicans from Georgia and Arizona testified as to how Trump and his henchman Giuliani pressured election officials to break the law, find votes, replace legitimate Biden electors with false Trump electors etc.

Tales of threats against themselves and their families from neo-fascist Trump supporters were revealed.  Accusations of child molestation and pedophilia.  Death threats.

In the face of it all, these high-minded individuals stood firm.  They would not break their oaths.  They would not yield.   They would not break the law.


“Rusty Bowers, the Republican speaker of the Arizona state House of Representatives, on Tuesday detailed his…

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This Is a Prayer for Litha. This Is a Prayer for Resistance.

I love this, I had to share 🙂


Photo by the blogger. If you copy, please link back.

This is a prayer for sunshine and darkness.This is a prayer for Litha.This is a prayer for shifting the balance and this is a prayer for Resistance.

At Litha, Demeter holds on so tight that her grasp begins to weaken.  At Litha, Persephone’s will to run courses anew. Today, it seems that Demeter will win. Things will stay the same.  Her power has grown.  Tomorrow Persephone pulls imperceptibly away.  Things will never be the same.  Power is shifting.

This is a prayer for sunshine and darkness.This is a prayer for Litha.This is a prayer for shifting the balance and this is a prayer for Resistance.

We are the shifters.  Litha pulses in our veins.  Like Demeter we hold to what we have and, like her daughter, we pull towards what we could be.  We are the sunshine and we are the darkness.  We are the balance and we are the shift.  We…

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Saturday Caturday

It’s another chilly Saturday here in Buffalo, NY … only 57 degrees at the moment with a stiff breeze out of the NWN & gusts of fifteen miles an hour … which really isn’t that much, considering that we’re in Buffalo … it’s a very windy city. But that wind has a real bite to it! After Wednesday’s high of 91, it seems even colder.

Naturally, the cats have the right idea & they’re curled up together on the perch in the front window. I wish I was a cat so I could get all comfy cozy with them! I’ll wrap up in my hooded blanket from Scotland & read most of the afternoon … well, I’ll probably cat nap, too!

Love that is created within you

This is beautiful

Peedeel's Blog

Practise love. Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel vibrating with a new frequency, feel swaying as if you are in the ocean of love.

Create vibrations of love energy around you. And you will start feeling immediately that something is happening – something in your aura is changing, something around your body is changing; a warmth is arising around your body… a warmth like deep orgasm. You are becoming more alive. Something like sleep is disappearing. Something like awareness is arising. Sway into this ocean. Dance, sing, and let your whole room be filled with love.

In the beginning it feels very weird. When for the first time you can fill your room with love energy, your own energy, which goes on falling and rebouncing on you and makes you so happy, one starts feeling, ‘Am I hypnotising…

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Saturday Caturday

So far it’s been a chilly & rainy June. Today is sunny but there’s a stiff breeze off Lake Erie, which is keeping things cool.

The cats are curled up together.


Here’s an idea ~

Ideas From Outside the Boxes


I do not know at what point a vasectomy can be done on a male child, but as soon after birth as it can be safely done, every male child in this world should be given a vasectomy, and except for medical reasons, there will never be a need for another abortion. Ever!

And, if a woman ever gets impregnated by a male who does not reveal he has had his vasectomy reversed, that male should have his testicles removed immediately his crime is discovered, no questions asked, no leniency given. Reversing a vasectomy should only be done with a woman’s consent that she wishes to get pregnant, and an order that she is to be the only sexual partner for a male with a reversed vasectomy. That way there will never be another unwanted child in this world.


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Love this


Picture found here.

Well, actually, the “AR” in AR15 doesn’t stand for “automatic rifle.” it stands for “ArmaLite rifle.” Maybe you shouldn’t be trying to regulate something you don’t know anything about.

Well, actually, the AR15 is not an “assault weapon” or an “assault rifle.” An assault rifle is fully automatic — a machine gun. You obviously don’t know anything about this subject.

Gunsplaining is a bit different from the Distraction Game that we discussed yesterday. The distraction game is aimed at getting you to run down a rabbit trail trying to disprove a stupid argument: The problem is video games, not guns. Gunsplaining is part typical mansplaining and part gaslighting. It’s designed to make you feel that you don’t understand the subject as well as the gun fetishist and to doubt your own position. And it’s bollocks.

I don’t need to understand the lifecycle of the Clostridium butyricum…

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