Saturday Caturday

It’s another chilly Saturday here in Buffalo, NY … only 57 degrees at the moment with a stiff breeze out of the NWN & gusts of fifteen miles an hour … which really isn’t that much, considering that we’re in Buffalo … it’s a very windy city. But that wind has a real bite to it! After Wednesday’s high of 91, it seems even colder.

Naturally, the cats have the right idea & they’re curled up together on the perch in the front window. I wish I was a cat so I could get all comfy cozy with them! I’ll wrap up in my hooded blanket from Scotland & read most of the afternoon … well, I’ll probably cat nap, too!

7 Replies to “Saturday Caturday”

  1. The weather here is much the same. The appearance of warm summer one minute, and cold the next. Mind you, we’re well north, here in Cumbria. The southern parts of the Uk have been basking in heat for weeks…

    1. Buffalo is in the north, too. Northern US … I am just minutes away from Canada.

      My people come from the north … the border of Scotland, I still have relatives there. I have always longed to go there.

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